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What exactly is copywriting? Put simply, it’s writing that sells. Words that will persuade your reader to move from A to B. From a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.

Whatever the format, my focus is on creating copy that will engage your target audience, promote your product or service and ultimately win you more clients.

Just some of the ways I can do this include:

  • Blogs
  • Mailers
  • Straplines
  • Annual reports
  • Video scripts, podcast show notes
  • Brochures, guides, white papers
  • Adverts – social media campaigns
  • Case studies, client stories
  • Press releases
  • Exhibition panels
  • Award entries
  • Website copy

If your business is in professional services, you may not have a tangible product to sell. What you offer may be invisible, technical or complicated.

That’s why I’ll take the time to get to the nub of your service, understand the difference you make and highlight the value you give – all in language that’s clear and understandable.  And most importantly, I’ll do it in a tone of voice that’s right for your brand.

Interested in copy that sells?

Content Strategy

It’s no good writing an isolated blog here or there and hoping to make an impact. You need your content to be part of an overall, coherent strategy so that you can build up long term relationships.

I’ll work with you to define your objectives, think about who your content is trying to reach and then propose a structured plan. Packed full of fresh ideas, this plan will give you valuable resources on a consistent basis, demonstrate your expertise and help you get ahead of your competition.

Website content

You need the words on your website to strike a chord with your target audience and get you results. It’s your chance to answer people’s questions and convert them from casual visitors to qualified leads to firm customers.

In terms of writing for SEO, I’ll make sure the content sounds like it’s been written by a human – not just crammed full of keywords. That doesn’t mean I won’t include relevant keywords but they’ll sound natural and sensible.

So take a look at your current site. Is your content engaging with people and encouraging them to stay around? Or are they not finding the messages they want and heading straight off to a competitor’s site? Let me give you web copy that works.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Whether it’s a set of social media ads, a series of blogs or a well-researched guide, inbound marketing can ‘pull’ your ideal client towards your business rather than simply ‘push’ your message out at everyone.

Experienced in writing for a Hubspot agency, I’ve seen the power of this approach. I’ll provide you with relevant, helpful content that a specific marketing persona will find valuable. Whether they’re just starting to gather information, considering their options or getting ready to make a decision, your message is then more likely to hit the spot.

Proofreading / copy editing

This Wordy Bird has a beady eye.

I’m well known for my great attention to detail. I can spot a typo, some faulty spelling or dodgy grammar a mile off.

So if you’ve written some copy but would like a second pair of eyes to take a look, I can help.

As well as proofreading, I also offer a copy editing service where I will go through your document, make it clearer, highlight the main messages and ensure everything is consistent.

Work with me

If you’d like me to come up with some words to get your message across, let’s talk.

07808 164 526