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Great writing to help your business fly


Wanting to engage with your target audience?


Trying to convey your message in a powerful way?


Hoping to attract, persuade and convert through the power of compelling copy?


Wordy Bird can craft the right words for you.

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Hello. That’s me Lindsey Russell. I’m an experienced freelance copywriter. And I love words and what they can do.

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inform, persuade, convince,

inspire, encourage, motivate,

engage, entertain and empower.

[nectar_gradient_text heading_tag=”h5″ color=”extra-color-gradient-1″ gradient_direction=”horizontal” text=”I love the way they can…”]

make you laugh, make you cry and make you think.

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I love the way they help you…”]

sell your product or service,

engage with your target audience,

attract more leads, win new clients and build your brand.

So let me use the power of language to help your business

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About you

You may be a start-up looking to take off or a fledgling business needing help to get off the ground.

You may be an agency needing a freelancer to fly in and pick up a brief straightaway.[/fancy_box]

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A bit about me

My background is mainly in the B2B and professional services sector.

I’ve provided copywriting for a wide range of businesses including financial planners, mortgage lenders, marketing, IT and telecoms, charities and the arts.

I’ve also even written about pond dye so this Wordy Bird isn’t one for being pigeon-holed.[/fancy_box]

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What Wordy Bird does

My focus is on providing you with writing that sells. Writing that will move your reader from A to B. From a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.[/fancy_box]

Client testimonials

[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”40″][testimonial_slider style=”multiple_visible” color=”accent-color-dark” autorotate=”8000″ slider_controls=”default” flickity_border_radius=”default”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400303-4″ name=”Jon Pittham” subtitle=”Managing Director, ClientsFirst” quote=”Lindsey was a valued member of the team. She brought with her a wealth of business experience, which meant she demonstrated great insight when interpreting a brief or interviewing clients. She’s a talented copywriter with a real flair for language and heaps of creative ideas. A true professional with superb attention to detail, she can always be relied on to give 100% to ensure that the copy hits the mark.” tab_id=”1702916400303-2″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400329-8″ name=”Stephen Biggs” subtitle=”MRICS, Founder, Buildock” quote=”Thanks for the messaging work, Lindsey, it was exactly what I was looking for.” tab_id=”1702916400329-6″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400346-1″ tab_id=”1702916400347-0″ name=”Joe Arrowsmith” subtitle=”Arrowsmith Eyecare” quote=”Lindsey was a pleasure to deal with. Very creative, lots of new ideas and very efficient. I am sure that my business will grow as a result of her input.”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400368-6″ name=”Chris Cottom” subtitle=”Holy Trinity Hurdsfield” quote=”I asked Lindsey to give me some text to liven up our annual report. Because she’s a professional writer, I knew that she would give me just what I was looking for. And of course she did: the next morning I had her well-crafted words, every one of them exactly right in answer to my (quite specific) brief. Later she also proofread the whole document for me and, needless to say, her extraordinary attention to detail uncovered many little glitches and typos that I’d missed.” tab_id=”1702916400369-2″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400394-2″ tab_id=”1702916400395-10″ name=”Meredith Grace” quote=”“This is incredible. I don’t have any changes, it’s exactly as I’d envisioned. Appreciate the fast turnaround and the high quality writing here!“” subtitle=”Medius”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400409-8″ tab_id=”1702916400409-2″ quote=”Lindsey is a pleasure to work with. She goes out of her way to get it right and to understand the message you want to put across. It’s not always easy to find someone who gets what you want and is able to write in your voice, but Lindsey managed to get my sales page and email sequences just the way I wanted them. So, if you’re looking for a copywriter that thinks with you to put your message across, aligned with your business and the needs of your clients, then Lindsey is definitely your woman.” name=”Liesbeth Heylen” subtitle=”Entrepreneur Sales Coaching”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1702916400419-1″ tab_id=”1702916400420-1″ name=”Sonya Homewood” subtitle=”Founder, People Pebble Development” quote=”Lindsey at Wordy Bird recently helped me when I rebranded my business.

She completely reviewed the website for continuity, tone of voice, tenses, style, and content. I thought between the website designer and myself we had done a great job, but Lindsey’s eye for detail spotted loads of things we had missed. The website now looks professional, and really feels like ‘me’ and I have confidence that the style and overall content reads well for all the site visitors. I honestly could not have launched on time without Lindsey’s support.

Her friendly, experienced, calm and organised approach, was refreshing to work with and I look forward to working with her more often in the future.”][/testimonial_slider]

Get in touch

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If you’d like me to come up with some words to get your message across, let’s talk.

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07808 164 526

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