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My background is mainly in the B2B and professional services sector.

I’ve provided copywriting for a wide range of businesses including financial planners, accountants, mortgage lenders, marketing, IT and telecoms, charities and the arts.

I’ve also even written about pond dye so this Wordy Bird isn’t one for being pigeon-holed. You’ll find I’m happy to tackle most topics.

I’m based in South Manchester but work with companies and agencies across the North West and further afield.

Originally a linguist, I went on to study marketing and writing for business. No surprise really when you think about the connection between promoting communication and understanding.

My experience in marketing and project management in various roles spans over 25 years. Winning a luggage voucher in a travel writing competition convinced me, though, that I wanted to use my creative spark and work with words full-time. And that’s how life as a copywriter in a digital marketing agency began.

I love getting to the heart of what makes a product or service special and describing it in language that’s easy to understand. But more than that, I’m fascinated by the psychology behind the message. What will persuade someone to ‘click’, encourage them to get in touch and ultimately decide to buy?

Coming up with powerful copy that triggers those buttons is what makes me tick.

Having worked with some great clients on some fascinating projects over the last few years, I’ve now decided to fly solo, spread my wings and set up Wordy Bird.

Work with me

If you’d like me to come up with some words to get your message across, let’s talk.

07808 164 526